Performance Rugs from Nourison

Kids, pets and active families can take a toll on rugs and flooring. That’s why Nourison has developed stain-resistant and washable rugs to keep up with today’s demanding lifestyles. These performance rugs will protect your floors and bring lasting beauty to your living spaces.

Nouri-Guard Rug Protectant

Nourison’s exclusive Nouri-Guard™ technology protects and preserves your rug and maintains its original look, color, and texture. This unique fiber protectant treatment forms a protective barrier on your rug’s fibers to block stains and maintain its original appearance longer. 

Rigorously tested to ensure exceptional quality and stain-blocking ability, Nouri-Guard™ rug protectant guards your beautiful Nourison rug against common household spills like:



Grape Jam

Red Wine

Cherry Kool-Aid

Pet Urine


Fruit Juice



Liquid Paper


Nouri-Guard™ fiber protectant can also be added to all custom rug and broadloom orders for an additional fee.

Nouri-Guard™ works best on wool and wool blend rugs and carpets.

Nouri-Guard™ Fabric Cleaner removes the toughest soils and stains from water-safe materials; even old stains come clean. Buy Nouri-Guard Cleaner.

Washable Rugs

With all of the liveliness of everyday life – from pets trekking mud inside to kids using your rug as a canvas – calling a professional to clean the inevitable rug accident can sometimes be a hassle. Enter the washable rug.

With Nourison's washable rug collections, cleaning and maintenance is ultra easy!

Just follow these steps to keep your rug looking fresh:

Step 1 - Clean up any debris

Vacuum loose dirt and/or scrape up excessive stains like mud or ketchup.

Step 2 - Place into the washer

Machine-wash cold on delicate cycle with mild, bleach-free detergent. Place larger rugs in a commercial-grade washer.

Step 3 - Air dry

Hang dry or place into dryer on air-only setting (no heat).

Check out these posts from the Nourison Inspiration blog for more on how to keep your rugs clean:

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